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Map Hints Club

Beitrag von sunjin » 25.07.2016, 11:54

Hey guys. This thread is for those who seek map hints. We can share our tricks and experiences here. let's go mate!
MOD: beta8
map name: [SSL] east front 1944
Play the map by instructions and I've not finished yet but I succeed in protecting the south position and covering the friendly units crossing the river.
1, First thing first, all trucks and armored vehicles are precious, so I rallied them at the beginning to the down side of the town in north-east. Send men into buildings and let AA and mortar gunners into buildings as well and close automatic-fire.Only let the men in the front fight the first wave of enemy's attack.Protect the engineers as well.
dispatch point 1.png
dispatch point 1.png (1.04 MiB) 1924 mal betrachtet
2. quickly move all the armored vehicle and trucks to the dispatch point 1 with escorting units and block it and let go second wave of enemy's reinforcement to the town. Don't attack them. Let them stay in the town.Then quickly block the dispatch point 2. U can see the range by arrows. Do not waste your trucks.
dispatch point 2.png
dispatch point 2.png (992.11 KiB) 1924 mal betrachtet
3, Clean the town from left to right and free all the handy weapons. When the last enmey is killed, the enemy reinforcement will come from dispatch point 3. It will be endless. Don't waste your ammo and retreat to the south position and form a defence line. Don't forget to sabotage the blockages in dispatch point 1 and 2 when you retreat or game will not go in progress.
dispatch point 3.png
dispatch point 3.png (991.41 KiB) 1924 mal betrachtet
4, Form a defence line in the far south and use engineers to lay mines as many as possible. Mine fields should be out of your gun fire range.Take the friendly machinegun and 88mm. send heavy machine gunner, rifleman and medic into trenches and bunker.Then try to beat back at least 6 waves of enemy attack. Below are the pics taken after the attack.
south position defensive 1.png
south position defensive 1.png (1.26 MiB) 1915 mal betrachtet
south position defensive 2.png
south position defensive 2.png (1.05 MiB) 1915 mal betrachtet
south position defensive 3.png
south position defensive 3.png (1.02 MiB) 1915 mal betrachtet
Then tips show that enemy will find a new route to attack your town in the south. Move your main force in south of the town and also down the narrow river bank.After you smash 5 or 6 waves of enemy's charges. then tips shows that Escorting the General to the reinforcement birth point.Then victory!
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Re: Map Hints Club

Beitrag von sunjin » 12.09.2016, 06:24

This map is very difficult.You have to defend your line in every direction.Germen have advanced Panzer-Ⅳ,StuG III, Panzer-V,tiger, and howitzer.But you have many bunkers, a lot of T-34.
First, enemy attack your middle position. quickly send soldiers into buildings and close automatic fire to make a good visual field. send adequate men in every bunkers of all positions. Front bunkers usually close automatic fire.You can send sub-machingunners into front bunkers.(They can't shoot long ranges). Send riflemen, heavy machine gunners, flamethrowers, anti-tank gunners into inner bunkers.Let them deal with enemy infantries.
The trick to deal with enemies armored vehicles strike is to gather a number of T-34s(five or six tanks' squad) and attack their side and rear.You'd better transfer some T-34s from eastern position to enhance the middle and western position. Place your tank squad near your position. move them quickly into battlefield to support defence forces.
Watch out enemy's air strike fighters. gather your AA vehicles and AA guns to shoot it down quickly. move T-34 and supply trucks into safety zone during air strike. Notice: Protect 2 mortars in the very beginning. They are powerful and handy throughout the game.
Relatively speaking, holding eastern position is easier.You can make a ) shaped defence line and enemy cannot see your high ground in rightmost.Please see picture below.protect 2 F-22 cannon. They are edge tools to kill the infantries in bunkers in counter-strike.
屏幕截图(24).png (1.72 MiB) 1710 mal betrachtet
屏幕截图(26).png (2.08 MiB) 1710 mal betrachtet
The last enemy's strike will be launched in west and middle with Tigers. Quickly withdraw main forces of west position and retreat to the backside postion and set up a new defence line.move main forces of east position into west and middle to enhance the defence force.You'd better use out-numbered T-34 to destroy the Tigers before they break into your line.Capture Germen armored car or place AA vehicles with soldiers to protect your depth in case enmey infantries break into.
屏幕截图(19).png (1.9 MiB) 1710 mal betrachtet
After you succeed in defence battle, you will get reinforcement and launch a counter-attack.Notice: you will face enemy's counter-stirke after you take these 2 positions below, the arrows show enemy's route:
屏幕截图(27).png (2.04 MiB) 1710 mal betrachtet
屏幕截图(20).png (2.09 MiB) 1710 mal betrachtet

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Re: Map Hints Club

Beitrag von sudden » 22.01.2017, 17:42
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