Sudden Strike 4Ever - Beta version

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Sudden Strike 4Ever - Beta version

Beitrag von Casquebleu » 10.05.2018, 22:34

Dear Sudden Strike Fans,

We're happy to launch the First SS4 mod in beta version : Sudden Strike 4Ever (a mod about realism). This mod will only work for SS4 version 1.08.24201. You can see below all changes.

This is the first version, so you may find some bugs or some wrong settings. You can post in our forum to explain what you discovered and/or tell us what's wrong with it.

Before playing it, you should make a back-up of your game before patching it.

We hope you will enjoy it.

The Mod Team
Casquebleu ... 32-ss4ever

SS4Ever changes :
- corpses and wrecks stays forever
- permanent blood
- no health regen
- permanent parachutes
- sight/shoot distance altered for all units
- changed damage values (friendly fire, HE, AP & bullets)
- increased medic cure time (suffer damage reduced from half to balance)
- increased self repair time
- increased fortify unit time
- increased camera zoom/dezoom values
- increased artillery range
- some arcadish skills removed
- increased officer and sniper sights
- tank scope sight & commander sight increased
- added ui for every type of soldier (only germany)


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Re: Sudden Strike 4Ever - Beta version

Beitrag von alteredbeast » 10.05.2018, 23:07

IMPORTANT : When you capture an artillery unit/mg nest, as soon as you enter on it you need to disembark pressing the "all disembark button" (or the E key). This will unlock all the free spaces that the dead units block.
PS : Disembarking the unit individually will not unlock the vehicle.


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