Problem with RWM (artillery strike with no morale change)

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Problem with RWM (artillery strike with no morale change)

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Hi all,

I have started to play SS2 again after leaving it aside for several years.

I remember I was using the mod RWM 6.3 or 6.6, and my favourite tactic was the massive artillery bombardment which created low morale among enemy troops.

However, I have re-installed RWM 6.8 beta and 6.7, but the enemy morale in both versions stayed THE SAME even I gave them hundreds of artillery rounds.

Is this feature removed after version 6.6? or maybe I missed some steps in the installation? (but I have the 2.2 patch + RWM mod)


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* SSM - General * (Administrator)
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Re: Problem with RWM (artillery strike with no morale change

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Yes it is removed because it was kind of unrealistic - no soldier would shoot at his mates only because arty is depressing him and he gets panic. The feature was a nice idea but SuSt lacks of options to implent this in a realistic way.
RWM 6.5 decreased the morel-power and 6.6 removed it completly.
The good thing about it is that now u see much more arty in MP-maps than in the days of 6.31-6.5.
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