All about Project Reality Modification

Project Reality Mod for Sudden Strike Ressource War

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All about Project Reality Modification

Beitrag von Attila » 01.09.2009, 09:40

First of all PRM will be a complete new mod for Sudden Strike-Resource War,focused for a realistic gameplay.No balance and no shit.
I will make 3 part of the mod:
-Western front
-Eastern front
-North Africa
Some features:
-units clear sight range is 320 meters,in this range they can clearly recognize the enemy units;
infantry battles will be fought within this range(max effective rifle range is 250-300m,this can be 800m for scoped rifle)
-tanks can shoot at max 4km ranges(depending from the gun),which is almost a 512x512 map
-you can ambush with snipers lmgs,hmgs and with special forces (like SAS,sniper not Waffen-SS),which in Sudden Strike means that if you prone with a light machine gunner your sight range will be increased,so you can shoot first at the advancing enemy units and you can retreat if they are to many.Special forces can't shoot to that ranges because they have light guns,but they can see enemy movements,so you can avoid the fight.
-new realistic schemes(each month will have a game scheme,with realistic vegetation and so on)
-fuel trucks and ammo resupply vehicles will no more "produce" fuel/ammo and they will have realistic fuel/ammo capacity
-simulated armor penetration,realistic ammo types (AP,APCR,HVAP,APCBC,..)
-bullet ricochets
-infantry can find cover near vertical objects,trees,etc
-you can paradrop only paratroopers
-AT rifles are more effective now;have the chance to neutralize tanks and or kill the crews in it much longer procedure. military12
-morale will be a very important factor
-combat medics are not able to heal heavily injured soldiers,they only can keep it alive some time,so you can call an ambulance
-hand grenades have a delay of 3-5 sec until they explode!!
-pretty good infantry combat,you will need to lead them more carefully,use tactics,smoke grenades,throw grenades through barricades,covers and to shady places and so on

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Re: All about Project Reality Modification

Beitrag von Boli » 02.06.2010, 19:52

Hello Attila,

be carefull with the morale. Do not let it fall to quick even after Artillery. And when it can fall down the morale has to be able for renewing again, because without units become complete out of controll. Maybe Propagandaofficers could clear the situation and Propagandavehicles. How do you imagine that? Quite good idea with the medics. I would also take a longer time to heal them. Hardly hurt soldiers maybe about 15 Minutes or even longer to heal. But for that you would also need hospital houses. Maybe you could also bring a new unit in the game. A civilian nurse without armour of course. And because you say the medic only keeps the soldier alive. So when you do that let the livepoints not count down so fast like in common. Then the chance is higher to keep a soldier alive.
I hope it is getting a gameplay like RWG 2.0 for example. I like this mod too but it has a game.exe problem.
Ah by the way let shot vehicles stay longer on the map. So it is more realistic even when there are battles about bridges because when so you have to take care keeping the bridge free from shot vehicles!


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