Russian Sudden Strike 2 community!

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Russian Sudden Strike 2 community!

Beitrag von Ali » 21.08.2010, 12:20

Hi! I`m from Russian SS2 community! We have commercial 256-users Hamachi version and ask you to play with us! Our network is RWG2-1 pass 1234. We have more than 100 active players. And every day have some games 6х6. Our community is very progressive, we take a part in mods developing. We know many hints and best tactics and strategy at ss2 mods, have big knowledge base.
Please answer to my e-mail or visit our Hamachi Network. I`m waiting for you answer. We can talk Eanglish and Russian of corse,but i think it wasn`t problem for real fans of this wonderfull game.
P.S. Sorry if it is offtop, i`m don`t understan German.
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Last Soldier
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Re: Russian Sudden Strike 2 community!

Beitrag von Last Soldier » 21.08.2010, 18:43

Nice to see so big community! But here is language problem if 99% players write only in cyrilics..
Footage from the frontline on Youtube!


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