Ligth short table of RWM 6.7 units

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Ligth short table of RWM 6.7 units

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Do you were kind ?

- Ligth short table (chart) (ideal to fix it near to your PC ;) ) of principal RWM 6.7 units here
- Caution ! the color of collums is good in "Word" (2003) but very shiting in "Worpad".
Word Viewer free here in german (in the end url link change "de" in "en" if you want GB version, etc... for other lang)

if the link does not function, to try doing later again (another day). my site is limited in dowload

- 95,55 % finish (especially for Tanks) but not perfect, complet and not totalely checked at the moment and still with of "?"
- At the moment the fiews "fantassins" based on v 6.6

if you can checked it... critical welcome

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