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Anti Aircraft ships for SS3: DONE!

Verfasst: 02.05.2014, 18:12
von Herr_today
Initially it would seem that no ship can carry an anti aircraft weapon. Anti aircraft turrets on ships dont work. However after a lot of trial and error I've managed to get seamlessly get it to work but in an interesting way.

1. Take a ship model, re configure it with the turret where you want the AA weapon to be (potentially could this have more than one turret?) then add in all of the stuff needed for it to be an on land mobile AA. It means adding broken tracks and the like but hiding them inside the body of the ship itself. Infact they need only be miniscule 3d planes.

2. Load up the model editor and treat the ship model as if you're building an on land AA model with the same locators, pivots etc. The turret can be anywhere on the model, it doesnt have to sit in the middle, it can be at the back, front, wherever. You can also creat the collision box around it, even put the gun crew in the bridge if you have transparent set of windows. Use a navy soldier and it looks even better!

3. Load up the Desc editor and take the established AA unit you've based the meshes in your model (ship model) on.

3. Replace the AA land model with a ship model. Then adjust all of the bits you need, the track traces to ship, the speed for water, the ability to no longer go on land and so on, the sounds to ship ones and so on.

Load it up and watch the ship act like any other ship, except that the AA will automatically engage air targets. You can also put the fire locators for the other vehicle weapons (mg) on any other part of the ship so that potentially you can have a forward gun, sea to sea, sea to land, torpedo and so on. With some canny editing we might even get chaff!!