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HELP,Loading existing single missions into map editor

Verfasst: 16.01.2008, 03:03
von flysiguy1
I do not know how to load existing single missions into the map editor can anybody help?

i have been playing RWM for years now and i live in canada so i dont know german. i have been struggling for years to figure out the maps ect lol but RWM is so good iv never put it down.

I need anybodys help here for a junior mapper. I can get RWM 6.5 map editor up but cant load existing single missions. I know i need the mission folder in maps.src but dont know how to convert. any help plz leave msg or email


Verfasst: 16.01.2008, 03:08
von -Barbarossa-
U need the map-converter for SuSt2. I attached the converter in this post.
But u have to copy the RWM-Missions into the Fireglow plain Single Player directory to get it to work. The converter can only handle maps which are in there. After converting u can load the map in the editor.

Verfasst: 16.01.2008, 03:27
von flysiguy1
thx for the help.

Another question how do i get the changes to save from map editor say i add 20 tiger tanks to map. When i hit compiler button i get error msg.

Verfasst: 16.01.2008, 03:35
von flysiguy1
I found the generate as single player mission option. When i load the existing mission almost always i get the error or: container overflow, cannot add etankist to the crew of m3
Error: container overflow, cannot add etankist to the crew of m3
Error: container overflow, cannot add atankist to the crew of m3
Error: container overflow, cannot add atankist to the crew of m3
Unable to load mission
Unable to load mission

or something very similar, Why can i not load these missions properly?

Verfasst: 16.01.2008, 13:29
von -Barbarossa-
You try to load maps made for RWM or maps made for other mods?

Verfasst: 16.01.2008, 19:28
von flysiguy1
Im loading maps made for RWM. Like Falaiase grave of thousads and Oberst K Normadie.
All of them i get errors while loading map.

Another thing the only map that will show units is Oberst K Normandie but every time i edit it (ex. Add 20 inf truck/tigers) it will crash. Is there any english map maker newbie guides? something that covers all these lil basics, any help is appreciated im learning lots lol .Thanks!

Verfasst: 22.01.2008, 20:01
von viriato
yep i had that same problem.i think the converter is only possible to use with original ss2 missions and maps.if you try to open them in the rwm you get error messages ,all you have to do is to click ok or accaept and you will find the map in the rwm editor.but the result is that most of the textures are not there and terrain is all in small squares . the units have all the guns unmanned .the scripts if psonally titled come out as standard "script 1" script2" etc. .

Verfasst: 30.01.2008, 03:26
von flysiguy1
yea, do u ever have the problem of not being able to unload units? from trucks , tanks ect? im not sure if the containers are full..

Verfasst: 05.02.2008, 20:40
von viriato
I dont know.i use the converter to "strip" open something i am interested in .but i dont play it .i mean i check out the scripts for example although they turn up without any reference...the same goes with the terrain .i try to gather maybe hints here and there but as i told you it is like opening a can with can see the remains .forensic.and maybe learn something.The convereter was aimed for ss2 only i think.

Verfasst: 24.04.2008, 09:50
von bobdaktari
The map converter and editor thing is awesome, massive thanks to whomever made the converter, its allowed me to create some fun games, that any true purist would slap me over (ie I often heavily weight the game in my favour)

This is probaly too late but anyways...

I use the map converter a lot when I am in a SS phase - it doesn't matter where the maps are on your computer, or doesn't in my case.

I usually download a map to my destop and simply right mouse click on the map which brings up a convert map in map converter option

You will find some maps convert easily and in full and some won't, in my instance if the converter takes a long time to convert the map (5mins+) the resulting map never has the actual scenario, you just get the map. If it converts quickly (less than a minute) then you should get the full map. Basic rule of thumb the more complex the map the less likely it will convert, especially script heavy maps. Another rule of thumb, the map you're desparate to play with never converts :)

As for adding units and all that, if you encounter the error messages such as "Error: container overflow, cannot add etankist to the crew of m3" when compiling to a single player map (i guess its the same for multiplayer but I never do that), this is often due to the number of units on or in a particular vehicle, you can work it out from the error message....

To get round this hassle I always save the scenario pre compiling to a single map, then reload the scenario, as any unit errors seem to be eradicated in this save. Please note you may find you lose units - not tanks or anything like that but if you've packed infantry on your tanks you may find for example one missing, or infantry in trucks (one trick I learnt is with reinforcement, if you have trucks that you want to bring in cannons etc. make sure you have at least 2 emplty slots in the truck or amoured car so that the cannon crew can be included in that vehicle- it pays to have 4 empty slots I find, as for some maps it simply goes a bit weird) in the resulting game. Once you've reloaded the scenario then compile your single player map

Hopefully this makes sense to anyone having problems...

Re: HELP,Loading existing single missions into map editor

Verfasst: 19.08.2010, 17:59
von Nordland
I have Win7, can I use mapconverter?

Re: HELP,Loading existing single missions into map editor

Verfasst: 10.09.2015, 11:34
von sir mef
Da meine Map im RWM Editor leider überschrieben wurde ich sie aber als single Mission noch gespeichert hatte, dachte ich ich könnte mit diesem Mapüonverter testen ob ich sie im editor öffnen kann - leider bekomme ich (auch bei den Original Maps) folgende Fehlermeldung beim konvertieren:

Sudden Stirke II main folder could not be lacated. SEE" FIX FOR RUSSIAN VERSIN" in the readme file.
leider habe ich keine Readme Datei sondern nur die Setup vom Mapconventer. diese habe ich im Originalspiel SSII entpackt und installiert.

Was mache ich da falsch?