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a few questions

Verfasst: 21.09.2008, 15:28
von viriato
Hi .i transfered an old jungle map of mine from ss2 suddenstrike into pwm 201 . I tested it into a new small test and it seems to work basically.
Now I have never used the resource war editor before .i know how to make mp games in rwm but I have no info about this system .Is it similar?I see for example in the script that you use german russian for the reinf whereas in the pwm there are no such units.
A big question is balancing also.Is there a balancing list for matching units somwhere?

Verfasst: 22.09.2008, 15:24
von Panzergrenadier
The scripting in SSRW is similar to SS2 (RWM).
For the nations you should dexplain it in the information text. I use it like this:
Germany - KNIL or China
UdSSR - Australia or New Zealand
Japan - Japan

Blancing in PWM is hard. The easiest way is to test and compare it on SP-Maps.
Personally i have played PWM seldom on the internet or via LAN. Thats why there ist little experience.

Best regards


Verfasst: 22.09.2008, 18:54
von viriato
Thanks panzergranadier.I suspected about the nation matter.The other thing is I dont see any heavy machinegun for japs...maybe i am wrong.
i suppose for balancing a mp i would have to add more manpower to them too More convencional inf .I know their tanks were really shitty not very armoured so the allies will have to come in with their lighter versions unless you want a massacre from the very beginning.
Any comments? thanks

Verfasst: 22.09.2008, 19:24
von Panzergrenadier
If you make a map of the early stage of the pacific war try to to balance the M3 Stuart with the Type 97 "Chi-ha".

If you haven´t got Heavy machine guns or mortars you maybe forget to press "Fix config"?.

best regards


Verfasst: 23.09.2008, 13:38
von GFM Sterna
I guess you must focus on Infantry Battles mainly. Since no larger Tanksbattles took place during the Pacific War it will be the best solution...
Anyway, Infantry only battles will be very nice because you got Bayonett Infantry and Swordsmen .

However, you will find a way to balance the teams...

Verfasst: 23.09.2008, 14:50
von viriato
Hi I just finished making a 128 noody seems to play this thing.(I have advertised it but no luck) ...I am putting it here