Island maps not working in RWM editor!

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Island maps not working in RWM editor!

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I am not sure if this has been adressed but I can't find any solutions to it so far and I am growing annoyed with it.

At present, I cannot access Island maps in RWM mode editor and since SS2 is not that playable without RWM mode, It's getting to be a pain since it's hard to make realistic maps for japanese action.

I am not sure if I am the only one with this problem but I have heard and seen some complaints about it elsewhere so I am pretty sure it's a general bug in RWM.

I am asking if there is any solutions out there to allow you to use Island maps on RWM editor.

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Mr.Today hat geschrieben: Editor fixed for ss2. Beach schemes now possible. Read on.

Ok, no thanks to fireglow or CDV,

I wonder why any of us bother.

1 buying the damn thing when it needs fixing.

2 bother to waste our time fixing it, but I did it because I suppose Im stupid.

Anyway this is what I did,.

In Edit3,ini I copied the scheme1 and pasted it into scheme2.

Then I opened edit_scheme1 and game_scheme1 and the same with scheme3 for both.

I replaced the DOM (Houses) MOST (Bridge in Russian) TRE files in both from scheme3 to scheme1. I then resued the files 1 files renaming them

edit_scheme2 and game_scheme2,. Now when I load the editor I load WAWBEACH as a map choice and there we have the scheme ready to build a map.

I tried it in the game and it works. Ive yet to try blowing things up and getting men into the buildings. Hopefully it wont crash.

Ill say if it does and perhaps someone else can pick it up from where I left off.

By the way.

Why on earth dont APRM and Stilritz write stuff like this,,,, thats what annoys me most. You lot could be playing all sorts of mods and maps now if these boffins were half decent. I cant see why anyone is loyal to them.



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Unfortunately, I am rather a moron when it comes to complicated file changes. Best I can do is change around map types in SS1 and find out that it dont work well. :oops:

I recall checking this post out a few weeks ago and not getting one word of it.

I will give it a try again but it would be nice if one of those smart guys with a real knowledge of SS codes and stuff could do it and spare us mere laymen the tortures. :wink:


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