Auto Factories & Repair Depots ?

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Auto Factories & Repair Depots ?

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Hi Guys.

I've been playing this game since CDV had the original SS site and when it was taken off there were a lot of scripts that were lost.

What I'm trying to do is to have a factory that every minute it produces 5 enemy tanks and the only way to stop it from creating any more is to destroy the building.

The second is to have a location [a fenced in area with supply trucks] that serve as a repair depot.

When tanks or trucks are damaged, supply trucks exit the building, repair the vehicle and then the trucks go back in.

If that's not possible then just have the supply trucks already placed in that area and the only way to stop the repairing of vehicles is to destroy a building in that area.

How do I go about scripting this ?
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Re: Auto Factories & Repair Depots ?

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here's a link it explains how to use the editor hope it helps I have more info but this should do it ... torial.htm
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