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von caco666
16.03.2012, 19:50
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Thema: [RWM 8.0 Beta 1] Neues vom Sauerland
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Re: [RWM 8.0 Beta 1] Neues vom Sauerland

OMG THIS MAP IS SO AWSOME! IT IS THE BEST MAP EVER!! How did you even script all this?? Anyways, i want to know if i can get instructions for this map in english hopefully. I do understand how to do some things (like make tanks, infantry, copy) but i still dont understand everything like what do all...
von caco666
03.12.2010, 21:16
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Thema: Sudden strike map editor
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Sudden strike map editor

just a topic for map editor, i have some experience with it and i want you guys to share it, i waould also like to know how to import google earth pictures to map editor and also i heard that suddenstrike.com is comming back anyone knows anything about it??
von caco666
25.05.2010, 21:00
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Thema: SS3 AfV & TLS MapEditor !!!
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Re: SS3 AfV & TLS MapEditor !!!


Joss can you plz post the link??? military12

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