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Fan-Kit von Fireglow

Beitrag von Ingwio »

Habe das Fan-Kit von Fireglow auf meiner Festplatte gefunden. Wurde 2007 veröffentlicht.

Hier das Readme von Fireglow:

We'd like to help you to improve your site's stats, provided that the website you run
is focused on the Sudden Strike game series.

Accepted fansites will receive the following benefits:

We will insert a direct link to your site at the Sudden Strikes Fansite Page.
You e-mail address will be included into a special mail-list, which is used to keep
fansites updated on the latest announcements and events related to Sudden Strike.

To be considered for approval and listing on Sudden Strikes' Fansite Page,
websites must meet the following criteria:

* Content must be at least 80% focused on Sudden Strike series and WWII.
* Sites shall contain a clear and prominent link to
* Site administrators shall be of 18 or over.
* Sites shall already be online and receiving public visitors.
* Sites shall not contain any illegal, adult, unauthorized, offensive, or
objectionable content or promote the violation of Fireglow Games' code of conduct or end user license agreements.
* Sites shall not contain any copyrighted material (code, images, text or
otherwise) without express permission from the respective owners. This
includes but is not limited to materials and content relating to
Sudden Strike series games, or any other products relating to Sudden
* Fansite can`t promotion other games productions.
* Fireglow Games may remove any and all links from Sudden Strikes' Fansite Page
at any time at Fireglow Games' sole discretion for any reason or no reason
with or without notice to the Fansite administrator.

Fansites will be reviewed on a regular basis.

To apply for inclusion of your site in the fansite program, send an e-mail
to containing the following information:

* Your age and real name (these won't be disclosed to the general public).
* The title (name) of your fansite.
* The fansite's URL.
* A brief (around 50 words max) description of your fansite's content
(if your site is accepted, this description will be displayed in your
site's entry).
* Primary fansite contact's e-mail address (this will not be displayed with
your site's entry).
* The e-mail address(es) you would like to be added to our mail-list for news
and announcements.

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