Help if you experience many desyncs with 6.3

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Help if you experience many desyncs with 6.3

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Wuestenfux has just screamed how bad stability of 6.3 is, then he I triedd a game with exact same people except for him and we played to the end. This experience I had myself in the 6.2 release, where I had one of the last prefinals which i though was the final from .. in short, get the offocial version, dont use pre-final betas.

In short, no problem exists except that some people are abit too eager and use outdated betas.


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In continuation of above subject, it might also be that you switch betweein MMS and normal RWM switcher.

If you change switcher, make sure to RECOVER CONFIG (rwm switcher) or FIX CONFIG (MMS), to ensure integrity of config files.


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