SP-Map "Hard Hats"

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SP-Map "Hard Hats"

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Hi guys,

I've created a second mission for this mod on virtual the same map as the former "Search and Destroy"-mission. This time it reflects the fighting of the VC/NVA against the South at the beginning of the seventies. This mission also shows some great strengths of this mod (like the infantry combat) as well as its current weak points (vulnerability of the M-113 to small arms fire (you can shoot them all out with your sniper) or that of the tanks against any kind of also light (60mm mortars) ordonance).

Unfortunately I'm still unable to send the map to the modder for translating the mission into Russian. When trying this I always get an error message. To counter this I'll summarize the main objectives here, so that rashidudin will be able to translate the main orders over the forum:

General situation: You are the commander of the new 203. Tank Regiment at the beginning of the seventies with the order to attack the South Vietnamese highlands around Pleiku. You have reached the forward position with your staff and some Soviet instructors and will now organize the combat until your force will arrive piecemeal to conceal against enemy air attacks.

I. Organize your troops and defend the current emplacements against enemy actions
II. After successfully completing this you will get order to move to the west to join a VC force in the vicinity of the village there; together with them you will block the main road from the west and make an ambush against South Vietnamese movements
III. You will get the order to attack the outer city of Pleiku east of your map
IV. During your fighting for Pleiku you will get the order to abandon due to heavy enemy resistance. Instead of this and with your still growing forces you will get the order to capture the bridge and the enemy emplacements around it between the village in the west and the big enemy emplacement in the southern direction of the map.
V. After conducting this job, you will get the order to capture the enemy Fire Support Base. The mission will end, when you have done this and your original emplacements and the bridge are still under your own control.

This mission is a bit heavy and you will need time and patience. You may accept own losses, because you will get a lot of reinforcements, because the NVA 203. Tank Regiment is constantly moving from the north to the south try to hide themselves against enemy aircraft.

Due to some technical problems with the mod there is a risk of crashes during this mission especially during air raids with huge own losses. I've overcome this problem by saving quite often and restart. After several attempts the mission went on smoothly.

Good luck!

PS: I've created this mission in several configurations. In the attachement you will get it with "normal wheather" or with "rain".
1972 Hard Hats (normal).rar
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1972 Hard Hats (rain).rar
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Re: SP-Map "Hard Hats"

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Arnold, It`s pretty nice po see a map by you for VP.
All your prepositions are reasonable. I don`t know about patch for VP soon, because I`m to busy at MWM2.
If you don`t mind, I merged a picture to your post.

Do you want this mission to be translated to russian?
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Re: SP-Map "Hard Hats"

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Can't download a .rar file, why is so?
There's only "file.php" would downloading

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