Mod Preservation Project for SuSt Demo

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Mod Preservation Project for SuSt Demo

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Calling all early and super hardcore Sudden Strike fans!
I'm in need of these files listed below for the demo version of SuSt purely for the sake of mod preservation rather than playing.
These mods date from the early half of 2000 and predate this long established SuSt forum and so are not available here.
I'd be immensely grateful if everyone could search their old Floppy's, CD's and IDE HDD's and send me these small sized files in a PM. I will update the list from time to time.

Maybe I am going too far down the rabbit hole here and success is most unlikely but you never know.

APPDRM - (Allied Power Playable Demo Realism Mod) (542 KB)
APPDRM - (Update for APPDRM, More Units) (80 KB)

APKM - (Allied Power Kesselschlacht Mod)

Assassination (174 KB) by Spcticle

Au vs Ch Teil 2 by Erazor/ Rumblefish (53 KB)

BazookaBobMod by Bazooka Bob (73 KB)

CalTal Mod

Cornculio Mod

Cronculios Hardcore Mod 2000 (158 KB)


Duker Mod

Explosion Mod by Ralf Schnepper

Green's Hardcore Mod

Guderians Wehrmacht 1.02 by Guderian (66 KB)

HQ by Major Ursa (543 KB)

ICE's Howitizer Challange

Kampf um Paris

Mortar Destroy Mod by Specticle (274 KB)


Panzerknacker Mod (5 KB)

Panzer Commander Mod


Russen Mod

Sturm auf Berlin

Sudden Strike Online Mod by RedDevil (66 KB) (158 KB)

Tank Depo (66 KB)

Tiger Mod 1 by Tiger (169 KB)

Tiger Mod 2 ??

Tiger Mod 3 (76 KB)

Unternehmen Barbarossa by unbekannt

Wehrmachts Mod

Editor für die Selfrunning und Playable Demo by Fana Holesinsky

While I'm at it I also need these mods for SuStI. :wink:

Real Warfare Mod 2.0 by Otcho
Real Warfare Mod 2.1

SuSt Forever Mod 1a by Roland (127 KB)
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