Maps that one can edit in the editor

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Maps that one can edit in the editor

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So....I don't read German, but I do understand download links and for whatever reason I do not see any maps that I can down and put in my editor folders to edit.

The only map I managed to be able to fool around with is HERR_TODAY's map for his Warzone mod (Vietnam map).

Now I understand that people want to protect their hard work but are there no maps for Resource Wars that are detailed and one can edit and fool around with?

All the maps I see are .SSM, which I assume I can't edit.

Is there anything of the kind? I understand the game is quite old but any help would be appreciated. I just want to take screenshots really.

I also got those two maps from the download page but could that be it? Are there no European town maps?
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Re: Maps that one can edit in the editor

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Hello Jtal,

To edit you'll need the editor files located in the src folder of your sudden strike RW installation directory.

I have released the editor files of several maps I've made over the years: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=9617

As stated in the thread you can use these files for whatever purpose you like.



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