Editor newbie problem - help please.

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Editor newbie problem - help please.

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Can anybody answer me a question:is switching the sides possible in the editor?I made mission with "A" side planned as my enemy and "B" side as mine, but, by mistake - i added my enemies to "A" side (A0 and so on) and now when i'm starting the mission i have to play with units previously planned as mine enemies :roll: while my troops are AI controlled. Is there an easy way of instantly switching the sides - without replacing all the units on map?Thanks in advance.

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Re: Editor newbie problem - help please.

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First, the group identifiers A0, A1, ..., J9 don't declare units as player units or enemy units. They are used solely for identification purposes in scripts etc.
If a unit belongs to the player or to the enemy is determined by the item you choose in the combo box "Player" when placing new units.

But to answer your question: There is indeed an easy way. Select "Units" in the tool tree, then click on "Edit existing". Now in the map window select the units that should be in the player's army and choose "Player" in the combo box "Player". In the same way you can continue for enemy, allied and neutral units. Can get a bit tedious though if the units are scattered around the map... :wink:
In this case it is perhaps less work to select the groups in the group window and set the correct player for each group in the combo box "Player".
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