Enemy planes

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Enemy planes

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Is there any way to prevent enemy fighter planes from crashing due to fuel shortage? Enemy planes keep circling until running out of fuel and then crash.

Planes are sent in remotely, not from an airstrip on the map.

send n planes (interceptor) of player enemy into zone 0 and land to airfield 0

This results in planes randomly circling over a sector of the map and attacking whenever player units are within sight of the enemy...which is good. However, aafter a given a mount of time the plane wil run out of fuel and crash rather then return to base as instructed (land to airfield 0). Bombers and reconnaissance planes do follow the script correctly.


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Re: Enemy planes

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you need to change zone 0 to zone 1 or any other number than 0 which is the entire map let's say if you have them fly to zone 1 and land at airport 0 they will leave the map the zone doesn't have to be large they will turn into zone making it look like they are patroling the area i hope this makes sense to you...
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