VPN - way how to play switcher games!

Hier bekommt ihr Hilfe, wenn es mit der Verbindung bei Multiplayerspielen nicht klappt.
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VPN - way how to play switcher games!

Beitrag von Last Soldier » 17.12.2009, 00:35

Because my provider is tard (allow only open 5 ports) i purchase VPN service and it works fine!

- All ports are opened!!
- easy to use
- normal network speed, low pings and stable connection (ofcourse i choose server in my country - http://unblockvpn.com/ - 5 USD/ month)
- you can join and host all old games/ftp/servers without problems
- you can use it for other things like p2p or ignoring other provider restrictions

Tested 6 vs 6 game and no problems
Footage from the frontline on Youtube!


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