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It is too bad that such players are even alloud to play with the rest of us....
I suggest to ban them from our games first time for a short period ( to give them time to cool off)...

For Real WW2 feeling
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lol, yes is a good decision ;) and I have allready tested that, but it's limited with the new pseudos... and maybe the dont fix IP

but maybe above all also saying them the lesson ;) :
"yes, same as all the on line video games of this world, exist a good players, bad players,
noobs players and players which play often and players which play less often ...
Same in the wars exist elit or veteran good troops, bad troops and noobs troops..."

and (sauf for the games creat with "data base" systems remembering the players scores, ex : Cossack),
generaly and particularly RWM, cant separate the good and the not so good players. It must be done with,
so it's in good players of help the less good or noobs players
and "Politely" explained how to play the best possible, ;) maybe same in the war
Visit a very good RWM SITE (with RWM units tables & many infos & dl...)(UK)


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