Real Warfare Modification -RWM 8.5- Multiplayer guide

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Real Warfare Modification -RWM 8.5- Multiplayer guide

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To join multiplayer game need to have stable internet from home or mobile.

-We use program "TeamSpeak 3" ( Link: ;
*ADDRESS: for communication and to know how many players want to play (if you use team speak first time, set the key to talk). If you need help you can get from players who are there.

-If you play first time sudden strike game need to install "DIRECTPLAY".

-Second, turn off all "WINDOWS DEFENDER FIREWALL".

-To play online, we use the program "RADMIN VPN" link: . The name of network server and password ask players or admin. What name you use in the game set on radmin.

With more info and with a photo how to join and play multiplayer game and if you can't join the game (because having Windows 7/10, routes, need to set numbers of ports etc) we make .Pdf file "MANUAL RWM 8.5" who is in the mod with instructions and suggestions.

We have a WhatsApp group where we discuss and plan the game. If you want to be in the group, send your phone number in a private message to admin or me.

If there is no solution for your problem on the forum, post it, someone experienced will answer.

"It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, the important thing is that you love this game and play it with pleasure." RWM community- sudden strike in the heart military7

"Make mod,play game but no war".
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