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Where to Store Your Vacuum Cleaner: The Top 5 Spaces

It is necessary to have a corded vacuum , but it does not always look good in your house.

These machines may be large and bulky, and they require some storage space to remain out of sight. Several models even need a base to charge; that is why storage should be near a power outlet, which possibly will not be inside convenient spaces like a cupboard.

If you need some inspiration before you find a storage spot for your unit, we have rounded up some of the best equipment and accessories, which will be useful for keeping the device in a more organized fashion.

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1. Your kitchen

If you have a large pantry inside the kitchen, you can store the machine here for the utmost convenience since plenty of messes tend to happen inside the area where food is prepared and cooked. There are a lot of great choices to place your vacuum cleaner, based on the types you own. If it features a hose, a hose hanger helps organize this part of the best vacuum cleaners; thus, it will not take up much space! You can attach the hanger to the cabinet’s side to stay away from stumbling over your long hose laying around.

2. Under your stairs

If your house has two stories, we recommend you get rid of the old clutter in the space under the stairs and keep your vacuum cleaner there. Again, you may want to attach a hanging system to the storage space’s wall, which will allow you to make the best use of the area!


3. Garage

If the garage is not attached to the living space, it may be inconvenient as a storage space. Yet, if it is, this place should be fantastic for storing your canister vacuums. If the device features a charging base, you can attach it to your garage’s wall. And because it is not inside of the house, it won't appear unsightly.

Often, the garage is already a messy place to start with; that is why it won't make a difference if you place your cleaner there.

4. Your laundry room

Storing Top rated vacuum cleaners in the laundry room is another good idea, provided the space allows for it. It usually makes more sense to have everything you use for cleaning in one area, rather than spreading it all over your house.

Again, you can consider setting up a hanger for the machine’s hose there, and maybe a mount for your device’s wand as well. By doing so, the cleaner will be readily accessible all the time, and it appears neat and tidy.

5. The closet

This storage area can be anywhere in your home. If you have run out of the selections mentioned above, you can find any spare closet that you may have and get the best use of it by storing your lumpy vacuum cleaner there.


6. Your hanging shelves

If your top rated vacuum cleaners feature multiple attachments, putting all of them in one box, in a similar closet to your actual vacuuming machine, is not a bad idea. Several people utilize a hanging shelf to keep these things in, which is an excellent option.

In short

We hope the guide above helps you find What is the best vacuum cleaner - Top rated vacuum cleaner reviews to be suitable for your storage place. If you have any related questions, please feel free to comment below. Also, do not forget to share it with those who you think may be concerned about if you found the post useful!

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