CD trouble

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CD trouble

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I hope you don’t mind me writing this message in English. I know there is a dedicated English section on the forum but I suspect it doesn’t draw as many readers as the main, German section, which is why I choose to post here instead.
Feel free to answer in German. Although my writing abilities are quite limited I expect that reading your replies in German will be no problem for me.
The problem:
I’m currently unable to run sus2 due to the games inability to locate the CD upon launching the game.
Whenever I try to start an error is prompted that requests I insert the CD and try again. The thing is the disc is just sitting in the tray..
I’ve already tried the solution suggested in the ‘RWM unter Vista thread’, i.e patching to 2.2 and then ultimately replacing the .exe with the original executable. This didn’t do the trick for me, nor did running the game through the switcher in any and all of the compatibility modes or overwriting patched executables with cracked/no-cd ones.
I’ve had my share of RWM troubles in the past, and usually I would find a way around them eventually. At this point though desperation has started to kick in and I feel I’m not going to be able to solve it by myself.
Any help will be much appreciated.

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Re: CD trouble

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I never had this problem myself but I have heard that sometimes reducing the speed of the cd/dvd drive helps. There are several tools to reduce the drive speed
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