Release RWG Truth of War Version 0.9 Beta

Korrigierte Version seit dem 28.12.2019 !!!

Zarathrustra hat den RWG Truth of War Mod komplett überarbeitet und als Geschenk zu Weihnachten und Neujahr in der Version 0.9 veröffentlicht. Der Mod wird in den Sprachen Russisch, Englisch, Deutsch und Französisch zur Verfügung gestellt und ist im Singleplayer und Multiplayer spielbar. Der Mod beinhaltet ebenfalls viele neue Karten und eine neue Kampagne.

Eine große Anzahl von Gebäuden, Bäumen und verschiedenen Objekten wurde in allen Schemas eingefügt. Des weiteren stehen viele neue Einheiten zur Verfügung. Weitere detaillierte Informationen findet ihr auf der Download-Seite. Viel Spass !!!

RWG Truth of War V. 0,9 Beta (Update V. 08 to V. 09) Download und Infos

RWG Truth of War V. 0,9 Beta (Vollversion) Download und Infos


0 # MasacruAlex 2020-01-07 19:43
SIMPLE amazing, thx rwg!
0 # badger lowe 2020-01-30 13:15
could you please fix balancing with houses, they are too powerful for example,
a single rifleman can kill 10 SMG gunners shooting up a house
and also tanks would rip wooden houses apart but in this mod they withstand the damage somehow
0 # zarathustra 2020-02-03 06:23
Of great importance is the caliber of the guns: the 37-mm./45-mm. guns, having a low explosive impact, did not cause serious harm even to wooden buildings.
We will analyze this again and discuss in a team.
0 # badger lowe 2020-02-28 01:31
thanks for responding, i have played RWG a lot and enjoy it very much sorry to bother you further but i believe that there may be some issue with save games , if you create a new profile the saves are deleted when the game is re opened and also i had a few save-games disappear.

thanks for looking into the feedback, i am working on a Chinese civil war map for RWG and it will be i think the first Chinese mission in sudden strike ever
0 # zarathustra 2020-02-28 17:20
I don’t quite understand: the saves are written to the folder of the player’s specific profile (..\plr\savegames\) and cannot be read from others, but they can be manually copied.
Please write me a mail, we could discuss some questions about the Chinese army.
0 # badger lowe 2020-03-15 12:54
Yes , what was the address?

Where can i find mod tools to help make modded units?
i was going to try and make the following

Chinese Infantry
Nationalist forces
Kuomintang KMT

this would allow the creation of a civil war campaign and eventually the 100 regiment offensive where they team up

Indian royal army

Spanish infantry
Nationalist forces
Communist forces
African foreign fighters
International brigades

it would be interesting
0 # zarathustra 2020-03-17 09:04
Unfortunately, you cannot enter an unlimited number of units into the game - it just won’t start.
Write to this address:
0 # badger lowe 2020-04-07 12:56
i have sent my reply to that adress
0 # zarathustra 2020-04-07 20:47
There is nothing :-|
0 # badger lowe 2020-04-08 20:23
maybe it is spam?
or placed into another folder
i will send it from my gmail again
0 # badger lowe 2020-04-08 20:28
it was now sent
0 # Dorfkutsche 2020-03-15 07:41
moin moin ...leider kann ich keine Karte starten .. es steht immer " file not found" und dann schließt das Spiel ..
bitte um hilfe danke
0 # zarathustra 2020-03-17 09:09
Send file .. \Truth_of_War\Dat\log
to the address:

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