Panther D with new skirts

Panther D from "Panzer Grenadier Division "Großdeutschland" needed a better look. So, I decided to add some skirts like many patnher in russian front. Here's the Panther 445 from this Division that i'm trying to reproduct :




This version has a better look than the previous


Panther D with skirts



Written by Casquebleu

Some news about the mod

SS4Ever Mod is still in progress but I didn't have time to make some news here.

A new Sd.Kfz 251 Medic will be available in some German SP missions.

Halftrack Medic 02


A new Tiger will be available with a Normandy Camo from Schwere_SS-Panzer-Abteilung_102 :

Schwere SS Panzer Abteilung 102


New tiger camo



Written by Casquebleu

Units from DLCs

After many hours, I understood how to duplicate units used in DLC and  create a new skin for vanilla game. Now, I have to fin how to add the unit icon on the game command bar.


2 hetzers

Written by Casquebleu

Working on new JagdPanther skin (part 2)

Well, after many hours of work, here's the result ingame, not bad :)


20200516221654 1

20200516221936 1

Written by Casquebleu

Working on new JagdPanther skin

Well, the texture of the JagdPanther is very bland compared to the other tanks. So it's time to change that.

Here is the first version of the camouflage of this tank.


working on JagdPanther skin

Written by Casquebleu

2 more tanks in the battle !

Today, I managed to set up the 2 tank destroyers usable only for multiplayer.

Now, we will have to understand how to act on the reinforcements in order to be able to modify them. It will then be possible to review the entire campaign and modify all the reinforcements, in order to make the games even more difficult.

 Jagdpanther Hetzer

Written by Casquebleu

First problem

After having corrected the size of the soldiers of each nation, here I am with a problematic size, without wanting to make a pun.

In fact, when soldiers surrender, they measure twice the size of my soldiers. So there is a parameter to find and correct. We really can't leave this bug as is :)


bug surrender

Written by Casquebleu

New British Firefly turret - Part 1

I don't know why, but devs didn't put the loader hatch in the back of the Firefly turret, fitted with the powerful British 17-pounder anti-tank gun.




Bradford IC

Here we go, let's try to mod this and change this error !


Written by Casquebleu

New British Firefly turret - Part 2

Well, after some research on existing firefly models during the world war 2, I worked to reproduce the turret of a Sherman IC Firefly turret.

No significant changes, just adding meshes to the back of the turret, then applying the texture.


Modeling firefly turret


This is the first version of it, but I must say that this Firelfy looks now as a sherman firefly, here's the result ingame :


firefly with new loader hatch 01


Written by Casquebleu

German infantry is now finished (vanilla game)

The German infantry is now the right size compared to the tanks. All weapons and positions on vehicles also had to be corrected.
We will now have to track down display bugs following an error or a correction oversight.
SS4Ever updated 01
Written by Casquebleu
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