SS4Ever Mod is out

Dear players of SS4,

For the 75th anniversary of D-Day, Sudden Strike 4 Ever mod is now available for the last version of the game (1.15.30080) including all the DLCs (Road to Dunkirk, Finland Winter Storm, Africa Desert War, Pacific War).

You can download it here.

Have fun ;)

Written by Casquebleu

SS4Ever mod is ready !

Ok, everything is done so, this mod should be available on 06/06/2019.

I hope you will have some fun to play with it ;)

 SS4Ever Vidéo

Written by Casquebleu

Some changes for Panther ausf. A

What about a new skin for Panther A during italian theatre in May-June 1944 ?




Here's the result :

Panther ausf A bis

Written by Casquebleu

Working on US amphibious vehicules

Searching for informations about US amphibious vehicles, I discovered the camouflage used during the landing of US troops at Iwo Jima.

Here is my small contribution for the 3 types of vehicles available in the DLC Pacific War :

Landing Vehicule Tracked 2 :



Landing Vehicule Tracked 4:



Landing Vehicule Tracked 4 (A) :



 And my last tank finished, M2A4 :



Written by Casquebleu

Last german skins

I reworked Sdkfz 184 Ferdinand skin to make it more historical 

 Sdkfz 184 Ferdinand

Another unit which needed a new pattern : Sdkfz 251 ausf C

Sdkfz 251 ausf C


And the last one, Panther ausf A

Panther ausf A


The mod should be ready for D Day : 06/06/2019 :)

Written by Casquebleu

New Panzerwerfer 42 skin

 New skin for Sdkfs 4/1 - Panzerwerfer 42 - German Self-propelled rocket launcher is almost ready. I need to work on tracks but that should not take too much time :)

Panzerwerfer 42


By the way, I added a new pattern for Sdkfz 7 repair vehicule which will be different to Sdkfz 7 AA Gun :

Sdkfz 7 repair

Written by Casquebleu

Update again and again ...

The mod is still on the way, it should be ready this month ... if everything is fine.

I worked a little on Tiger I and KingTiger tanks patterns :

Schwere SS Panzerabteilung 101


And two new skins, the first for Panzer IV ausf. H. I don't know if I will diffuse this version yet :

PanzerIV H


The second, the Jagdpanzer IV which gave me a LOT of work :/ !


Jagdpanzer IV


To be continued !!!

Written by Casquebleu

Still working on skins ...


Units skins are still implanted into the game. That's a huge work but immersion will be better :)

New Opel Blitz Transport skin with reworked british tanks skins :

Opel blitz


I reworked on Sdkfz 134-2 Puma skin which is much better than the previous version :

Sdkfz 234 2 Puma


Written by Casquebleu

Sdkfz 7 AA Gun

 This model gave me a lot of trouble with inverted/flipped textures. After 3 hours of work, here is the result :


Sdkfz 7 AAgun 1


 Sdkfz 7 AAgun 2

Written by Casquebleu

Working on Winter Storm skins

Some new russian tanks and vehicules need to be "fixed" with the right color. The vanilla skin needs to be corrected.



This should take me 2-3 days to do it.

modeling voroshilovets


By the way, I plan to let some people testing the mod before distributing it to all players. So if you read this and want to help by testing and finding bugs or wrong balancing, just let me know ;)

Written by Casquebleu
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