Little update of the mod

Well, it's time for some new screens about the mod :)

Hands in the air !!!

hands up


Wespe skin reworked :

Wespe DR


Kingtiger skin reworked :



New Stug III G (Russian camo) :


StugIII G Russia

Written by Casquebleu

SS4Ever : First tests

 The evening, I wanted to test the mod and try to detect some bugs. Hopefully, everyhing was fine. I could see a lot of permanent wrecks and bodies everywhere in the map :)

The Mod isn't ready yet as I have British, US and some german skins to rework but the mod is coming. I expect to diffuse it next month.

That's really a HUGE work so ... be patient ;)

Koursk Panther D


Koursk Ferdinand Piii M

Written by Casquebleu

Sudden Strike 4Ever Mod updated

Allright, all this work is done

- All vehicules/infantry/guns/artilleries/buildings sight increased
- Higher sight value for officer & sniper
- All vehicules/infantry/guns/artilleries range increased
- All infantry ammos decreased & reload time increased
- Damage values changed (AP-HE-Bullets)
- Friendly fire activated
- Medic cure time increased with no health regen
- Self repair time increased
- Lay mine time increased
- Fortify unit time increased
- Default tractor deactivated for Kubelwagen/Jeep/K95 kurogane
- Permanent wrecks and bodies
- Permanent parachutes
- Some effects corrected (permanent blood, smoke, and fire)
- Zoom in/out increased

But everything isn't done yet ! Now I 'm working on implanting new skins for vehicules & infantry (British/German/Soviet/US) ... I must me crazy as I must do it one by one !!!

Importing skin

Written by Casquebleu

New Panzer III ausf. M skin

 New skin for Sdkfz 141/1 Panzer III ausf M :

PzKpfw III M Kursk


Panzer III M Koursk

Written by Casquebleu

Sudden Strike 4Ever Mod v1.15.30080 still in progress

The mod is still in progress. Here are some new settings:

The maximum distances of the artillery cannons are increased (+ 100%). Minimum distances are increased from 20% to 100% for some heavy artillery.

All shot ranges for tank guns are increased (from 30% to + 33%)

All sight ranges have been increased (infantry, AT guns, Tanks, vehicules).

I have to work on all buildings (increase sight range), ammo limits for all units, damage system, effects and much more.

Here the new loading screen for DLC Pacific war ;)

loading addon2 pacific usa

Written by Casquebleu
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