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Hidden Stroke 2 Fusion Hidden Stroke 2 Fusion

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Französischer Mod / French Mod

This is a mod/update for Hidden Stroke 2 (version 2.0.2b).
Hidden Stroke 2 is a stand-alone game based upon Sudden Strike Forever and Sudden Strike 2.

These game are already entertaining by themselves. However, Hidden Stroke 2 goes beyond this and provides some good gameplay ideas and nice units.
But WAIT ! There's more : we go beyond Hidden Stroke 2, with the Fusion Mod. Our goal is to improve this game and make it realistic. We corrected lots of gameplay issues, added missing sounds, created new graphic schemes in order to provide you the best World War II game experience ever !

Join us in the most realistic WW2 RTS ever created, Sudden Strike : HS2 Fusion.

Created 06-09-2020
Version 4.21
Size 955.94 MB
(2 votes)
Created by Ingwio
Changed by
Downloads 183


0 # Comrade Kimo 2020-09-06 10:28
Brilliant work! Im exited to play! :-)

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