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Warschau 1944 Warschau 1944

Name: Patrick Van Vaerenbergh
Mapname: Warschau 1944
Größe: 512*512
SP or MP: Singleplayer
SP : SP german/deutsch
MP: ----
map: Normale Map
Version: Sudden Strike 2
Szenario: Sommer/Summer
Kampfart: beides/both
Mod: RWM 6.71 final (SS 2)
Warsaw Uprising 1944 At the end of July of 1944, Poland is in its fifth year of German occupation. On the eastern front, German armies are in full retreat suffering from the Red Army's spring offensive which is approaching Warsaw's eastern suburbs. The liberation of Poland's capital seems to be within reach. General 'Bor' Komorowski, commander of the Polish Underground Home Army (Armia Krajowa, AK), sets the beginning of the uprising in Warsaw against the German occupying forces at 'W-hour'; 5:00 p.m. on August 1, 1944. The uprising is expected to last about a week and have the character of mopping up and disarming operation. The insurgents, however, are unaware that the Germans have decided to defend 'fortress' Warsaw and to counter-attack Red Army forces to the east of the city. Warsaw's insurgents an estimated 40,000 soldiers, including 4,000 women, have only enough weapons for 2,500 fighters. They are facing a 15,000-strong German garrison (korpsgruppe) , consisting out of policemen and soldiers from the Waffen SS, as well as airmen from the Luftwaffe and frontline infantry units which will grow to a force of 30,000,armed with tanks, planes, and artillery. Map is partially redesigned by GFM Sterna

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