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Vietnam Project Vietnam Project

Dear friends, MODPLANET gladly presents new version of Vietnam Project
This modification covers the period of Indochina wars:
- First Indochina War (1946 — 1954)
- Vietnam War (1957 — 1975)

Also the mapmakers will be able to make missions about:
- Sino-Vietnamese War (1975)
- Cambodian-Vietnamese War (1975 — 1989)
- Laotian Civil War (1960—1973)
- Cambodian Civil War (1967—1975)

All the units and infantry are made according to their real look/camouflage/uniforms etc.


- long annoying screams of dying infantry are removed
- names of NV amphibious tank and US F-5 fighter are fixed
- the damage of ZSU-23-4 "Shilka" and anti-tank rifles is fixed
- the ammo of Type 63 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun is made historical
- the sound of MG-42 machine gun is fixed
- descs of all the buildings are ready
- buildings 231-240 now have shadows and destroyed sprites

- US transport helicopter HH-53 "Super Jolly Green Giant"
- US M108 self-propelled howlitzer
- US М59 APC
- US transport helicopter H-3
- US cargo helicopter UH-1
- SV and common bazooka AT-gunner
- NV cargo tricycle
- NV gunner with Type 56
- NV paratrooper
- NV T-34 ARV
- NV SPG SU-76 as a howlitzer
- NV jeep Gaz-76
- NV gunner with Type 63
- NV machine gun MG-34
- armored gunjeep
- bus
- cadilac car
- french A-26 attacker
- sailor
- cargo ships
- motorcycle Harley-Davidson


- heavy machine gunner with М2
- VCs with SKS, DP-27, Mosin
- common machine gunner with DP-27 and sniper
- Dac Cong`s gunners
- french sergeant, tankman and bazooka AT-gunner
- all NV`s helmets in some directions
- ZSU-23-4 "Shilka"
- Pak-40
- D-44
- Land Rover jeep
- UaZ jeep
- SPG SU-76
- APC BTR-60
- M24 Chaffee
- ZiL-157 supply
- cargo helicopter CH-47
- M109
- some french soldiers have new helmets
- US spec ops machine gunner

- new game scheme called "Laos" with new trees, bridges and grounds
- intro movie
- some new manuals in Russian
- credits
- new french and ARVN camouflages
- message sounds in English


IMPORTANT FOR THE MISSIONMAKERS: The following transport helicopers have no stock. But they can properly leave the map after landing, by script. So you can use them for imitation of dropping troops, sending the soldiers via flag near to the landed helicopter as a reinforcement.

CREDITS: Junkers, -IG-, Bosho, Dmitriy, Rashidudin, старик, dedulia, vovan, sasha_08, Pilot_CIF, Artaban, Ordos, Nordleng
THANKS TO: North, BombaRDS, Ckuff, alchy, Усман, swat4, Kozac, Ssb, Parawozas, vovan..l, Penza, Kosyak, Denis_48, KORTEX-RINTINTIN, Rules, dborr, vladdo, Индуктор, -=panzer=-, Фонарь, Kalter, EnterPredator.
AND TO THE TEAMS OF: Battlefield:Vietnam, Call of Duty, Лис пустыни, SWAT-4, БЧЗ, ПкМ, FMRM:BG, RWG, Hidden Stroke (2,3,Fusion), Liberation, Warzone, PWM, SCLM, Antiterror mod.
AND ALSO TO: Creedence Clearwater Revival, Doors, Jefferson's Airplane, Edwin Starr and to Richard Wagner


Created 06-01-2018
Version V 1.2
Size 812.39 MB
(12 votes)
Created by Ingwio
Changed by Ingwio
Downloads 3,023


+4 # lacios 2018-01-24 12:21
Perfect! But I sincerely beg for a entire english version in which introductions and instructions could be written in english in campaigns. :lol:
+5 # Jop 2018-02-05 17:21
Great Mod! requesting a complete english version too.
Keep up the good work!
+1 # rashidudin 2018-03-08 03:24
Guys, there is full SP Mappack for VP:
0 # kevinsan457 2018-11-26 19:14
podrian hacer un tutorial de como istalarlo lo descargue y todo el procedimiento abro el juego y no me deja jugar los mapas
0 # Hassan ali 2019-10-30 08:06
Guys,will this mod will work on sudden Strike gold

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