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RWM 8.0 v4.1 for RWM 8.0 v4.1 for SSRW

Only registered and logged in users can download this file.

- run game via "gamerwm.bat" or "rwm.exe" here in the folder, this version have no Switcher
- based on unfinished "RWM 8.0 v4 preview" from Tijn, not all new things are working (units, buildings..)
- use prefix for new or updated maps - "[v4]" instead of "[RWM8.0 beta#]"

- most used scheme in beta3 is "RWM Eastfront Summer". In v4 it's under name "RWM Summer 1943-45".
"RWM Summer 1939-42" uses the same game objects, only the camouflage of some units is different.

History of RWM versions:
RWM 8.0 v4.1 (actual version, edited by community)
RWM 8.0 v4.0 (preview version from Tijn)
RWM 8.0 b3 (latest stable version - Barbarossa & Tijn)

Special thanks to RWG modders for new infantry sprites!

- Changelog: RWM 8.0 v4.1 -
New units:
- US tank commander
- Kavallerist
- Kavallerist Leutnant
- Kriegsmarine Leutnante zur See
- Kriegsmarine Matrose
- Kazak
- Kavaleriyskiy Strelok
- Kavaleriyskiy Razvedchik
- Kavaleriyskiy Serzhant
- Kavaleriyskiy Avtomatchik
- Serzhant Morskoy pekhoty
- Strelok Morskoy pekhoty
- Avtomatchik Morskoy pekhoty
- Politruk
- Strelok ryukzak 
- NKVD Strelok 
- Sailor
- Cavalry
- Cossack
- Opel blitz 36s
- Stalinets S-60
- 75mm Fieldgun (50 shells unreloadable)
- GMC CCKW-353 Oil Truck
- Pz.Kpfw.VI E Tiger I Pz.Abt.502

- graphics of some units revert from v4 to b3 (they were unfinished or in some testing stage)
- wrong antitank blocks build by supply trucks in SSF Summer scheme
- fixed crew/infatry training exploit (multiplayer)
- oil tankers - now there are 2 types, with 5000 (graphics with fuel barrels) and 7500 (cistern graphics + Merceder kfz). 
   russian, british, us, french tanker and german Mercedes 384 have 7500 fuel, movement speed rebalanced.
- PzBefWg.III.H	normal gun instead of smoke screen
- 10 new historical songs added
- another small fixes

- Maps with all units (for all schemes) + files for editor

- Changelog: RWM 8.0 v4 preview -
Lot of new map objects + param fixes
Some old units have new graphis..

New Units:
de Gaule

Kfz. 384
Lancia 3Ro
Lancia 3Ro
Bedford OYD 
Citroen u23
Dodge WC 54
Fiat 626
AEC Matador 4x4
Morris CS 8
Scammell Lorries
M3 Ambulance
Dacia 3Ro supply
Scammell Pioneer SV2S
Locomotive BR 52
Goods wagon
Hospital wagon

Kfz 13
Sd.Kfz. 250.3
Sd.kfz. 251.3
Pz.Spwg. P204 (f)
Sd.Kfz 135/1 (Lorraine)
Sdk.Kfz 10/4
Dornier Do 17z

Hungarian crew
Hungarian rifleman
Hungarian Officer
38M botond
Toldi I
Turán II

Romanian crew
Romanian rifleman
Romanian officer

Tank komandir
Russian Valentine IX.
Russian Valentine mk II.

Loyd Carrier mk.I
Tank commander
Valentine mk. IX
Valentine mk. VIII
Valentine mk. IV
Valentine mk. II
Created 10-05-2020
Size 684.36 MB
(22 votes)
Created by Ingwio
Changed by
Downloads 2,996


+2 # Rasputin 2020-05-21 17:45
Amazing, this mod includes the standalone version?
-2 # Comrade Kimo 2020-07-02 02:28
Please make an SS2 Original version archive with many Soviet,allied and German missions.And Japan as well :D
0 # viriato 2020-08-03 10:43
Hi I can't find where to download it ..I see the info but not the download button
+1 # Ingwio 2020-08-03 12:26
Browser ???
0 # Comrade Kimo 2020-08-16 12:06
make Another SS2 Normal version archive! plz make a new one Ingwio :-)
0 # Comrade Kimo 2020-08-15 23:47
Good Work Comrades! 8)

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