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Steel and Ice Steel and Ice

Name: TH
Mapname: Steel and Ice
Größe: 128*128
SP or MP: Singleplayer
SP : SP Russia/Russland
MP: ----
map: Normale Map
Version: Sudden Strike 2
Szenario: Winter/Winter
Kampfart: taktisch/tactical
Mod: RWM 8.0 (SS RW)
Welcome commander! We have a very important mission for you. In the center of this area is a trainstation we must control for a top secret delivery. You dont have to now about the content! Direct orders from supreme command will follow... Map by TH RWM 8.0 Singleplayer Player: russian CPU: german Playtime: ca 2h Difficult: normal Size: 128*128 Winter Historical facts: fictional

Created 25-12-2012
Size 155.95 KB
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Created by Ingwio
Changed by Ingwio
Downloads 5,780


0 # Haha 2017-08-18 18:39
Counterattack? I have no forces to counterattack with! (they all died from defending :lol: )

not a good map.

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