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Batus Mod 2.0 Batus Mod 2.0

Made by:

Batus, Casquebleu & Frog's Friend.

Many thanks to:

Tyketto and Marc Anton, for their work, as they created some of the mod’s content, Mobmann, for his help with the descs, Smirnofski, Ghost, Ziesel, BolliBomber, Feldpost for their help and feedback, Magic Touch, for help, support and patience, Fireglow, for giving us the game to mod and the tools to mod it with, and many others who helped with their advice and feedback.


What the mod does and what it doesn’t do:

The mod adds a large number of new units and a variety of skins for all theaters of war. The mod improves the way the game looks and sounds and provides the map makers with additional content to help them make better, more realistic and historically accurate maps and missions. Apart from a few tweaks, the mod does not alter the gameplay.

How to install and use:

The mod is compatible both with Arms for Victory (1.4) and The Last Stand (1.5).

Note: If you have 1.4 installed you can install 2.0 over 1.4. Otherwise use a fresh install of the game to avoid problems (or at least backup your Media folder before installing).

Copy the Batus Mod 2.0 Installer into your Sudden Strike/Media folder and run it there. (Vista users may need admin rights to run this). When the black command window appears, press any key to continue. When the window closes installation is complete (this can take some time, please be patient)!

We advise you to install the Soldier Icons for this mod too:

Modifying and using the content:

This is a free mod and anyone who wishes to use its content in their free mod is free do so. You can use or modify any of the mod’s content because not only do we not criticize such behaviour, we encourage it.

Comments, suggestions or even complaints can be posted at or!


Was die Mod macht und was sie nicht macht:

Der Mod verfügt über eine Vielzahl von neuen Einheiten und von Skins für alle Kriegsschauplätze. Der Mod verbessert die Art und Weise wie das Spiel aussieht und klingt, es bietet mit zusätzlichen Inhalten den Kartenerstellern mehr Möglichkeiten ihre Maps oder Missionen besser, realistischer und historisch korrekt zu gestalten. Abgesehen von ein paar Tweaks, verändert die Mod jedoch nicht das Gameplay.

So wird die Mod installiert und verwendet:

Die Mod ist kompatibel mit Arms for Victory (v1.4) und The Last Stand (v1.5).

Hinweis: Um Probleme mit alten Mods zu vermeiden, sollte eine "frische" Installation von Sudden Strike 3 verwendet werden (zumindest sollte der Media Ordner gesichert werden). Es dürfte auch keine Probleme geben v2.0 über 1.4 zu installieren.

Kopiere den Batus Mod 2.0 Installer in den Sudden Strike / Media-Ordner und führe den Installer aus (Vista-Benutzer müssen Admin-Rechte zum Ausführen besitzen). Wenn das schwarze Kommando-Fenster erscheint, drücke eine beliebige Taste um fortzufahren. Wenn das Fenster "Installation beendet" erscheint, ist die Installation abgeschlossen (dies kann einige Zeit dauern, bitte habe Geduld!).

Weitere Verwendung des Mods oder des Inhaltes:

Dies ist ein kostenloser Mod und wer die Inhalte privat nutzen oder verändern will, darf das natürlich tun, weil wir modding generell fördern und nicht kritisieren wollen!


Version 2.0 (2010/03/21)
New for version 2.0, in addition to everything from the previous versions.

New Units: (Many in several colour schemes - Standard/Europe/Winter/Pacific)

Germany :

New 12 cm Sgrwr 42 Heavy Mortar
New 15 cm Panzerwerfer 42 Rocket Launcher
New 170 mm k18 Howitzer
New Bf 110 Light Bomber
New Fi 156 Storch Scout Plane (with passengers)
New Flakpanzer IV Ostwind Mobile AA
New Flammpanzer iii ausf m
New He 111 Heavy Bomber
New Hs 126 Scout Plane
New Hs 129 Medium Bomber
New Ju 87 stuka Dive Bomber
New Ktz69 Krupp Protze APC
New Marder ii SPG
New Opel Maultier Transport
New Opel Maultier Medical
New Panzerjager I SPG
New Panzerjager v jagdpanther with bush camo
New Pzkpfw i ausf b Early War Tank
New Pzkpfw ii ausf c Early War Tank
New Pzkpfw ii ausf f Early War Tank
New Pzkpfw iii ausf m Tank
New Pzkpfw iii ausf n Tank
New Pzkpfw iv ausf g with bush camo
New Pzkpfw iv ausf h Tank
New Pzkpfw iv ausf j Tank
New Pzkpfw v ausf g with bush camo
New Pzkpfw vi ausf b tiger ii with bush camo
New Pzkpfw VI ausf E Tiger with bush camo
New Sdkfz 7 Transport
New Sdkfz 8 Transport
New Sdkfz 8 Transport with bush camo
New Sdkfz 9 Transport
New sdkfz 124 Wespe SPG
New sdkfz 142 1 sturmgeschutz iii f SPG
New Sdkfz 163 Sturmgeschutz IV with bush camo
New Sdkfz 164 Nashorn SPG
New Sdkfz 165 Hummmel SPG with bush camo
New Sdkfz 221 Scout Car
New Sdkfz 222 Scout Car
New Sdkfz 222 H Scout Car
New sdkfz 251 APC with bush camo
New Sdkfz 251/1 "Stuka Zu Fuss" APC Rocket Launcher
New Sdkfz 251/2 8cm Granatwerfer 34 APC Mortar
New Sdkfz 251/3 Funkpanzerwagen APC Command Car
New Sdkfz 251/7 Pionierpanzerwagen APC
New Sdkfz 251/8 Krankenpanzerwagen (Med) APC
New Sdkfz 251/9 Stummel - Schutzenpanzerwagen 7.5 cm KwK37 SPG
New Sdkfz 251/10 Schutzenpanzerwagen 3.7cm Pak 36 SPG
New Sdkfz 251/16 Flammpanzerwagen APC
New Sdkfz 251/17 Schutzenpanzerwagen 2 cm FlaK38 SPG
New Sdkfz 251/22 Schutzenpanzerwagen 7.5cm PaK 40 SPG
New Steyr RSO/3 Transport
New Europe camo for german crew member
New Europe camo for german officer
New Winter camo for german officer

Italy :

New Fiat spa as37 Transport
New Fiat spa as37 Medical
New Fiat spa as37 Supply
New Sm 79 spaviero Medium Bomber
New Savoia marchetti sm 84 Transport Aircraft
New Re 2000 falco Fighter
New Ba 65 breda Fighter-bomber

Japan :

New Type 98 so da APC
New Type 97 te ke Light Tank
New Pacific camo for selected vehicles

UK :

New Avro 683 Lancaster Heavy Bomber
New Bristol Blenheim Medium Bomber
New Hawker Hurricane mk ii Strike Fighter
New Lysander mk i Scout Plane (with passengers)
New Matilda mk ii Tank
New Mk i humber Armoured Car
New Mk iii Valentine ii Tank
New Mk iii Valentine iii Tank
New Tempest mk ii Strike Fighter (Rockets)
New Mki Cruiser Early War Tank
New Mkiii Cruiser Early War Tank
New Sherman 'Crab' Flail Tank - Mine Clearing Tank


New 100mm bs3 Heavy AT Gun
New 120 mm 38 Heavy Mortar
New Ba 10 Armoured Car
New Ba 20 Armoured Car
New Bm 31 12 Rocket Launcher
New Bm 8 48 Rocket Launcher
New Bt 2 Light Tank
New Bt 5 Light Tank
New I 16 Fighter
New Komintern Transport
New Kv 1s Heavy Tank
New M5 Supply USSR Tranport/Supply/Artillery Tractor
New Pe 2 Light Bomber
New Pe 8 Heavy Bomber
New Po 2 Scout Plane
New T 20 komsomolets Transport
New T 26 model 33 Early war tank
New T 28 Early war tank
New T 35 Early war tank
New T 60 Early war tank
New Voroshilovets Transport
New Zis 6 Transport
New Zis 30 SPG
New Zis 42 Transport
New Yak 1 Fighter
new Europe uniforms for USSR soldiers


New B 24 Liberator Medium Bomber
New B 25 Mitchell Light Bomber
New M24 Chaffee Light Tank
New M3 a1 Scout car
New M3 a1 Scout car (med)
New M4a2 75 sherman Tank
New M4a3 sherman Tank
New M5 Supply/Transport/Artillery Tractor
New P 40 warhawk Fighter-bomber
New Pacific camo for american soldiers and selected vehicles
New Europe camo for selected vehicles
New Sherman 'Crab' Flail Tank - Mine Clearing Tank


New Saboteur with Molotov Cocktail petrol bomb


Buildings - 15 new North African buildings
Walls - 3 new stone wall textures
Trees & Bushes - More than 100 new textures each for Summer, Autumn & Winter
Grass (models) - 12 new textures
Grass (painted) - 18 new textures
Camouflage Nets - 4 types of net, each in 6 colours


New & improved sound effects added for selected vehicles and weapons

Unit Texturs:

Many existing textures have been re-worked and improved

Existing Units Amended:

HMGs (i.e. .30cal, MG42, etc) - increased rate and volume of fire
Aircraft cannon & MGs - increased rate and volume of fire
Aircraft bombing - improved accuracy (as far as is possible)
Mobile AA - corrected damage types and target selection


Version 1.4 (2009/10/18)
By Batus, Casquebleu & Frog's Friend with much help
from Mobbmann, Ghost & Magic Touch.

Compatible with both AFV and TLS so custom maps
should now work with TLS (you may still need to move
any modded ss units that come with the map from
Media/Mods for AFV to Media/Mods/Descs for TLS).

- Maptextures are reorganised with many more textures
- Added MG34 for Hetzer
- Added MG34 for Elefant
- Added MG34 for Jagpanther
- Added MG34 for Sdkfz163 sturmgeschutz iv
- Added Hatch for Marder iii
- Added new KV 85 with Hatch
- Added new sdkfz 10 (for AFV)
- Added new sig33 pzkpfw i ausf b (for AFV)
- Added new sdkfz 234 1 (for AFV)
- Added new sdkfz 10 4 (for AFV)
- Added new t90 aa (for AFV)
- Added new zsu 37 (for AFV)
- Added new gaz aa 76mm (for AFV)
- Added new paratroopers with vehicles and coloured parachutes
- Added new British C47 Dakota transport plane
- Added new British rocket firing Tempest Fighter
- Added new British M3A1 halftrack
- Added new British jeeps
- Added new German FW190 fighter-bomber
- Added new British PIAT anti-tank launcher
- Added Fog-invisible pillboxes.

Batus Mod 1.4 replaces all previous versions,
no need to install any other version first.


Version 1.3 (2009/04/02)
Additional sounds by Casquebleu

- New ambient sounds : winter battle - night - cannonade - beach battle
- New tanks and Apcs sounds (UK - GERMAN - USA - USSR) : 41 new sounds
- Now you hear units burning when destroyed (tanks - acps - trucks)


Version 1.2 (2009/03/28)
Aditionnal units, textures, decals and corrections by Frog's Friend, Tyketto, Casquebleu and Marc ANTON/MARCUS ARNHOLD

- New decals by Tyketto
- New MapTextures by Tyketto
- Added *.inf files (winter german tanks) for reinforcement window in the editor
- Added winter Kv2 icon
- German Winter Skins reworked
- Afrika Korps skins reworked
- New SS Grenadier skins
- New 2cm flak38 europe skin from KBS-Skin-Mod (Marc ANTON - MARCUS ARNHOLD)
- New 5cm pak38 camo02 skinfrom KBS-Skin-Mod (Marc ANTON - MARCUS ARNHOLD)
- New 7 5cm le ig18 camo02 skin from KBS-Skin-Mod (Marc ANTON - MARCUS ARNHOLD)
- New 7 5cm pak40 camo02 skin from KBS-Skin-Mod (Marc ANTON - MARCUS ARNHOLD)
- New 8 8cm flak18 camo02 skin from KBS-Skin-Mod (Marc ANTON - MARCUS ARNHOLD)
- New Opel Blitz skin from KBS-Skin-Mod (Marc ANTON - MARCUS ARNHOLD)
- New Opel Blitz fuel truck skin from KBS-Skin-Mod (Marc ANTON - MARCUS ARNHOLD)
- New opel blitz med skin from KBS-Skin-Mod (Marc ANTON - MARCUS ARNHOLD)
- New opel blitz supply skin from KBS-Skin-Mod (Marc ANTON - MARCUS ARNHOLD)


version 1.1 (2009/03/10) :
Additionals by Frog's Friend and Casquebleu

- Added units icons for the editor
- Fixed textures for m3a1 halftrack winter, 37mm m3a1 winter, group warehouse grey steel hangar 01, group workshop brown brick building 01, group residence church 02.
- Added winter camos for 3 7inch inf howitzer mk ii winter, 15cm sfh18 winter
- New winter trench
- In the editor, new units can now be used in reinforcement window.


First version (2009/03/07) :
by Batus

This is what the mod contains:

-most of the existing skins have been improved: soldier textures are less colorful and appear more realistic, allied vehicles are in olive drab, German vehicles are in dunkelgrau without so much rust, Soviet vehicles are in dark green without so much rust, Italian vehicles are in dark olive green, Japanese vehicles and artillery are in their khaki brown.
-some new units were added through modification of existing units.
-most units have different skins for various theaters; there are plenty of German camos for Africa, Europe and winter.
Map makers who are not sure which skins to use where can always ask me, I’ll be glad to help as much as I can.
Have fun with the additional units and the skins.

Created 29-11-2010
Size 239 MB
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Created by Ingwio
Changed by Ingwio
Downloads 7,801

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