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Hurtgen Forest Hurtgen Forest

Name: red october
Mapname: Hurtgen Forest
Größe: 128?128
SP or MP: Singleplayer
MP: ----
map: Keine Infos / No info
Version: Sudden Strike Resource War
Szenario: Herbst/Autumn
Kampfart: Keine Infos / No info
Mod: Kein Mod! / No Mod!
Welcome to the West wall, Sir! Our troops advance like a spare to inside of the Europe and follow enemy.But this is not easy job sometimes.One of them is Hurtgen forests at Belgium -Germany line.This heavy fortificated zone on the Berlin way is very hard for passing, We must do it for victory.Germans have not attacking ability, They still defend main frontlines at West Europe.Our inteligence reports say that Hitler sends many troops from East frontline to this zone.These troops has battle experience from battles with soviets.Your mission simple, but not easy.Firstly, secure the bridge-head and defend bridge against counter-attacks..After than, destroy all enemies in the forest.Good luck!

Created 01-11-2008
Size 154.46 KB
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Created by Ingwio
Changed by Ingwio
Downloads 8,582

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