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Category: Syrian Strike Mod Software
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Created: 30-04-2024
Version: 2
Size: 347.56 MB
Syrian Strike

Install instructions:

1. unzip the file, then copy and paste the files and folders from it into your game's "Media" folder, e.g. C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonSudden Strike 3Media

2. Agree to overwrite existing files in this process. If you have the original game from Steam or disc, everything else in your game will still work but the new missions will be playable.

Missions are single player custom scenarios under these names:

Eastern Ghouta (Free Syrian Army)
Kuweires Airbase (Syria)

This mod may not be compatible with other mods. If you have issues with other "Modern Arms" missions, make sure you have installed the latest content for "Modern Arms" from https://www.moddb.com/mods/sudden-strike-3-modern-arms/downloads

Uninstall instructions:

Reinstall the original game

Changelog to Version 2 of "Syrian Strike" mission pack:

*corrected the ammo source for the 50 cal on the Abrams tank to ammo2 rather than ammo1
*corrected burst shots to 1 for BMP-1
*more accurate T-72B3M model (Russia)
*improved damage of T-55 gun
*tested main battle tanks against each other to create hierarchy, mostly between different generations of tank
*adjusted Pantsir-S1 (simplified to two weapons, corrected slots, better range, and use of the Tunguska cannon on closer air targets)
*reset parameters for Pantsir-S1 on all scenarios containing them to correct ammo slots (Snake Island Ukraine, Mariupol Russia, Counteroffensive scenarios)
*Kornet shots produce a longer particle effect and additional splash damage to better show the Kornet's range and explosive power
*edited the appearance of the airport pavement in Hostomel to be lighter and added more decals taking hints from satellite imagery
*aviation fuel storage tanks and more fuel added to Hostomel map
*An-225 "Mriya" aircraft added to Hostomel map
*correction to An-148 models used in Hostomel map
*Replaced BMP-3 units with BMD-2 in Hostomel map for historical accuracy
*Il-76 transports parachute BMD-2 units into Hostomel map for historical accuracy
*correction to M270 launcher descs
*stabilised 2S7 Pion when firing
*modernised rocket artillery and rocket launcher sounds, particle effects and projectiles for different calibers including helicopter-based launchers
*adapted new sound for 2A42 autocannon (BMP-2 autocannon)
*adapted new sound for Tunguska autocannon on Pantsir-S1
*"DispersionDecCoef" value adjusted on less accurate artillery types (Grad especially) so they can't gain too much accuracy or become precision weapons due to xp (applied also to TOS-1 Buratino)
*New sound scheme added for heavy mortars (120+mm)
*really quiet sounds of light explosions e.g. mortar blasts made louder (applies all across the game)
*AI-upscaled and brightened some texturing for Middle East residential structures
*AI-upscaled the "Kruschevka"-type apartment blocks for Ukraine scenarios
*corrected the ammo source for the 50 cal on the M60A1 tank to ammo2 rather than ammo1
*damage diagram corrections to show rocket-carrying truck for technicals with ATGMs
*corrected winter object "grapes" to use winter destroyed models
*slight target offset to the double-tap GMLRS launchers, e.g. M270, to allow wider destruction
*rebuilt D-20 howitzer model for correct recoil effect
*Ukrainain soldiers speak Ukrainian (vehicles and equipment still use USSR voices)
*two winter tree models (original game assets) given damage zones so they behave properly in "Avdiivka storm" map
*corrected textures on Ural-4320 transport truck when damaged or destroyed
*revisions to Marib Dam map - hill impassability increased (areas of no passage, areas only infantry can pass), Ansar Allah officers and snipers increased, Ansar Allah supply trucks increased, ammo depots increased, enemy reinforcement streams set to disable when they lose control over objectives), enemy reinforcement quality and frequency reduced
*implemented portable Konkurs infantry for Houthis and added to Marib mission (reverse reskin from Hamas)
*implemented Sayyad AM rifles for Houthis and added to Marib mission (reverse skin from Hamas)
*corrected the name of ISIS AT infantry to show as ISIS rather than Syrian
*corrected consistency of diagram armor, diagram type, and terrain descriptors across all technicals
*change target type to APC or appropriate for all technicals including mobile aa and spg type technicals so small arms can de-crew them
*corrected fuel rate and terrain descriptors for consistency with same truck platforms acting in different roles
*new Houthi AT units placed in Saudi mission "Decisive Storm"
*improved Russian strategy and artillery bonuses in Ukrainian azovstal mission for greater player difficulty
*corrected reinforcement gates and improved triggers for Ukrainian forces in Russian mission "Vremevka Ledge" for greater player difficulty
*abandoned heavy MZKT supply trucks and additional large ammo depots added to Russian mission "Vremevka Ledge" for better player supply
*missile launcher unconditional reinforcement added to Russian mission "Vremevka Ledge" to make end objective less tedious
*additional supply depots added to Ukrainian staging areas in "2023 Ukrainian counteroffensive" mission for better player supply
*reworked animation for T12 AT gun so struts rise up when towed
*T-72B3M and M60A1 Patton crew protection increased
*replaced Tu-95 bombers with Tu-22M3 bombers in Russian mission "Azovstal" for historical accuracy
Created: 24-01-2024
Version: V1
Size: 319.91 MB
The Syrian Civil War finally arrives in the Sudden Strike series in full 3D for the first time! Full factions, arsenals, and two faithful scenarios included.
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